The 9th Steering Committee between VietinBank and BTMU

On June, 23rd 2017 in Hanoi, the 9th Steering Committee between VietinBank and the Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubishi has taken place successfully.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thang making a speech at the meeting

The meeting was jointly hosted by Mr. Nguyen Van Thang - the Alternate member of Central Committee of the Communist Party, Member of the National Assembly, Chairman of VietinBank and Mr. Takayoshi Futae - CEO BTMU in Asia and Oceania.

Participants in the meeting are Mr. Le Duc Tho - Board Member cum the General Director and other members of the Board of Directors and Board of Management of VietinBank; Senior Managers of Divisions/Departments/Committees of BTMU in Tokyo and Asia, Oceania in Singapore; managers of units, operational divisions and representatives of working groups of VietinBank - BTMU.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thang announced at the beginning of the meeting that this one was the warm-up meeting, offering an opportunity for members of the Steering Committee to listen to a comprehensive report on the recent cooperation results between VietinBank - BTMU. The meeting also pointed out the achievements of both sides and current challenges so that new effective cooperative directions could be made in the last period before stepping in a new cooperation phase.

 “This will be a very open and communicative meeting, approaching a progressively more practical and effective future cooperation between VietinBank and BTMU” - Mr. Thang expressed his expectation.

Regarding the main content of the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Van Thang shared the updates on macro-economic environment as well as the situation of Vietnamese banking industry; provided an update on the business results of VietinBank (as to March, 31st 2017); and analyzed the current NPL situation of Vietnamese banking industry and in VietinBank in particular.

Through these, the management of BTMU was able to grasp the big picture of the operating management of VietinBank as well as relevant movements in policies related to VietinBank’s performance.

Continuing with the meeting, Mr. Le Duc Tho - VietinBank’s General Director summarized VietinBank’s key achievements in comparison with targets set in the first Medium-term Business Plan (MTBP) for the 2015 - 2017 period, which was built by VietinBank with the support of BTMU. This is also the foundation for the next period of 2018 - 2020 MTBP.

Mr. Takayoshi Futae making a speech at the meeting session 

In following sessions of the meeting, working groups in charge of each BTMU - VietinBank cooperating area made their own presentation to the joint Chairmanship of the Committee as regards the accomplishments and the targets for the next phase. The topic of the presentations covered 4 topics, namely Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Risk Management and Strategic Development.

After each presentation, many questions were raised and both parties had actively and enthusiastically discussed with each other in a cooperative attitude; plenty experiences had been shared so that both parties together could come up with innovation initiatives in all areas of the bank.

Summarizing the discussion content after the meeting, Mr. Yotaro Agari - The director of the Planning Division in Asia and Oceania in BTMU reiterated that the meeting was the basis for the implementation of the development of MTBP in the next 3 years from 2018 to 2020. Working groups and other departments/committees will discuss in details on the cooperation in general and the content of the Technical and Business Support Agreement for the new cooperation between BTMU and VietinBank.

In his closing remark for the 9th Steering Committee, Mr. Nguyen Van Thang expressed his delights in the recent accomplishments of the banks’ cooperation. In 2017 and the next few years, VietinBank shall prioritize resources to boost scale growth and maintain profit growth target at an appropriate level.

“BTMU shall continue to support VietinBank in the development of business planning and go hand in hand with VietinBank when it comes to implementation to ensure the success of the plan” - Mr. Thang expressed his expectation.

Also on this occasion, the Chairman of VietinBank sent his gratitude to Mr. Takayoshi Futae and senior managers of BTMU for their devoted directions and strong support for the cooperation between 2 parties overtime. Simultaneously, Mr. Thang highly appreciated the effort of working groups in active and determinative implementation of the plans agreed by the management of the 2 banks on each meeting session.

The 9th meeting session between VietinBank and BTMU successfully ended. Both parties are approaching the preparation of the 10th meeting - marking the first 5 year cooperation period between VietinBank and BTMU.  

Overview of the 9th meeting session of the Steering Committee between VietinBank - BTMU.

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