VietinBank’s Chairman paying a visit to BTMU’s Senior Leaders

On Februray 9th, 2018, VietinBank’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Nguyen Van Thang, led VietinBank’s delegation for a visit to Tokyo, Japan to meet with Mr. Kanetsugu Mike – President and CEO of The Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubishi UFJ (BTMU).

VietinBank’s Chairman of the BoD Nguyen Van Thang posing for a memorial photo with President and CEO of BTMU

At the meeting, Chairman Thang had given Mr. Mike updates on the macroeconomy and VietinBank’s positive performance results in 2017. Mr. Thang expressed his gratitude to BTMU’s senior leaders, who have always been keen on directing the strategic partnership activities with VietinBank and the secondment of reliable and experienced employees to work in VietinBank in the last 5 years. BTMU’s company has made great contributions to VietinBank’s performance from then until now. President and CEO Mike also expressed his delights for the achievements of VietinBank in 2017, which has further fortified the bank’s role as the leading bank of Vietnam and created a momentum to elevate the bank to regional scale. 

Also on this occasion, Chairman of VietinBank and BTMU’s President and CEO has reviewed highlights of the results of two banks’ partnership programs in the last 5 years. In these first 5 years, both banks has organized 10 periodical Steering Committee Meetings to evaluate the performance result of 4 working groups and multiple collaborative initiatives. Collaboration targets set in each meeting were all accomplished or overachieved.

VietinBank expects that this partnership in the new phase will not be limited between two banks, but also be expanded to other members of MUFG Group to further promote the strength of this strategic partnership.

Mr. Mike believed that the current partnership programs in progress as well as new initiatives between two banks in the new partnership era would be successful under the decisive leadership of Chairman Nguyen Van Thang and VietinBank’s Management Team.

Chairman Thang also hoped that Mr. Kanetsugu Mike would devote the strongest supports to VietinBank, helping the strategic partnership between BTMU and VietinBank prosper. Mr. Mike committed to supporting and accompanying consistently and he also expressed his will to  Chairman Thang’s invitation to visit VietinBank.


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